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NeuLine Health Management (NeuLine) is a neurodiagnostic services provider that performs electroencephalogram (EEG) testing for patients with neurological-related medical conditions. The testing takes place in both home and medical office settings.

NeuLine is dedicated to serving qualified healthcare providers and their patients with best-in-class neurodiagnostic testing. With a commitment to transparency and compliance, NeuLine provides EEG testing services throughout the United States.

Why At-Home Testing?

Convenience & Comfort

In-home testing puts the mind at ease, leading to a more accurate picture of neurological activity.


Testing through NeuLine Health typically costs 3X less than inpatient care.

Rapid Results

Scheduling with NeuLine Health is quick and convenient, leading to faster answers on the next steps in your treatment.

Are You a Healthcare Provider Interested in Offering

EEG Services Directly to Patients?

Learn more about CORE – our turn-key solution for offering comprehensive neurodiagnostic EEG testing services to your patients, under your practice.

Patient and Caregiver Resources

An EEG test is one step towards answers and a diagnosis. We understand the importance of support groups and community when dealing with these issues. Click through to see some of our trusted resources for both patients and caregivers.

I just completed another EEG and I just have to say that this place has THE BEST staff! It really is a blessing to come across great people while going through so much trauma.— A.G.