NeuLine Health

NeuLine Health is dedicated to serving qualified healthcare providers and their patients with best-in-class neurodiagnostic testing. With a commitment to transparency and compliance, NeuLine Health provides EEG testing services throughout the United States.


Average number of studies per month


2021 marks our 5th year in business


Easy scheduling: 6 days per week, 12 hours per day, English & Spanish


The typical turn-time from order submission to scheduled test appointment


The number of dedicated CLTM-certified pruning technicians


We employ 18 ABRET-registered EEG field technicians

About our CLTM-certified pruning technicians

ABRET certified

Our lead pruning technician is a certified instructor of long-term monitoring and pruning/clipping

Experience working in level 4 Epilepsy Monitoring Units

Proficient in pediatric as well as adult patients

Custom Reports

We develop custom reports tailored to meet each physician’s needs, which may include medication lists, patient health history, patient activity logs, and images from the study.

Our Values

Preventive Care

Diagnostic testing plays a significant role in preventive care

Patients & Providers First

Qualified healthcare providers and their patients deserve great customer service


Following healthcare compliance is top priority


Bring clinical and financial value to qualified healthcare providers

Leadership Team

NeuLine Health’s diverse leadership experience comes from business sectors such as healthcare, finance, entrepreneurship, advertising and aviation. As a collective, the leadership team is composed of like-minded individuals that have a desire for creating and offering higher-quality healthcare through EEG services.

Frank Gray, III

Chief Executive Officer

Brittany Pride

Chief Sales Officer

Greg Lake

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Christy Sadler

Chief Clinical Officer

Simon Tan, MD

Medical Director

Miriam Pinckney

Director of Compliance

Lana Saylor, PMP

Director of Operations

Daylene Rice

Director of Technician Services

Stephanie McPherson

Director of Clinical Coordinators

Megan Choate

Director of Clinical Education

Shawn Brown

Field Technician Manager

Dianna Rendon

Billing Manager

Anita Caballero

Human Resources Administrator

Tim Zagurski

Regional Account Manager

Jonathan Gonzales

Regional Account Director

Julia Economy-Edwards

Regional Account Director

Amber Miller

Regional Account Director

Amanda Murdock

Regional Account Manager

Mike Shawver

Regional Account Manager

Harold Bellack

Regional Account Director

Cindy Tucker

Human Resources Manager

Paula Burns

Accounts Receivable Manager

Strategic Partners