Introducing CORE

NeuLine Health has created an EEG services program called CORE for qualified healthcare providers (QHPs) that want to take advantage of the clinical and financial upside of EEG testing. Anchored by an EEG services agreement, CORE is intended to provide QHPs a turn-key solution for offering comprehensive neurodiagnostic EEG testing services for their patients under the QHP’s practice. CORE contains the following tenets:

The QHP opens and fully owns a PLLC that is credentialed by NeuLine as an independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF).

The IDTF PLLC contracts with NeuLine for EEG services.

The QHP refers patients from its practice to the IDTF PLLC for EEG services.

NeuLine provides the EEG services outlined in the EEG service agreement on behalf of the IDTF PLLC.

NeuLine invoices the IDTF PLLC for EEG services rendered at a fair market value (FMV)-based fee.