Patients: AEEG Test

What is an ambulatory EEG test?

An EEG test is used to make a recording of the electrical activity in your brain. Brain cells communicate with each other through electrical impulses. By tracking this brain wave activity, detection of potential medical conditions is possible. During the test, wires are placed on the scalp to capture the data, which is saved to a portable recorder. The compact recording device is contained within a small bag that can be worn over the shoulder, thus allowing the patient to be ambulatory, or mobile, during the test. The test may last a few hours or several days.

Is the test painful?

No, you will feel nothing during the test that can be attributed to/as a result of undergoing testing.

Will you need to cut my hair?

No, our registered technician will apply the electrodes to your scalp with an adhesive that is easily removed with shampoo and water.

Are there any side-effects related to the EEG test?

Itching or skin irritation may occur where the electrodes are placed on the scalp.

Do I need to go to the hospital for an EEG test?

No, NeuLine Health provides ambulatory EEG testing in your home. We will send our registered technician to set-up the equipment and apply the wires to your scalp, and when the test is complete, our technician will return to your home to remove the wires and retrieve the equipment.

Can I work from home during the test?

Yes, as long as your activity is not stressful or strenuous. Sweat may dislodge the electrodes applied to your scalp, which will cease the data capture. LEARN MORE ABOUT PREPARING FOR AN AT-HOME EEG TEST

How long will it take to get my test results?

Test results will be sent directly to your healthcare provider within one week of test completion.

Will my test results be confidential?

Yes, all patient test results are stored in a HIPAA/PHI compliant server, and only shared directly with your ordering physician.

How can I make an appointment for an AEEG test?

Contact your healthcare provider or NeuLine Health’s Support Team: call 844-212-5321, option 2 or email

Patients: Insurance and Billing

Is the AEEG test covered by my insurance?

The AEEG test is covered by most insurance plans, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Medicare, most Medicaid plans and United Healthcare. Prior to testing, NeuLine Health will perform an eligibility check with your insurance, and alert you should your specific plan not cover the test. At that time, options and next steps will be provided by a NeuLine Health representative.

I received an “Explanation of Benefits” letter from my insurance company. What should I do?

For all billing questions, please contact our support team by calling 844-212-5321, option 2 or email

QHPs: Sending Referrals to NeuLine Health

What information or documents are required to process an EEG test referral?

NeuLine Health requires a complete AEEG order form (Submit an Order), a signed Patient Consent form, a copy of the patient’s insurance card (front and back), and a copy of the patient’s medical records (at least 6 months of documented medical history).

How quickly will my patient be scheduled for the test?

Patient appointments are typically scheduled within 48 hours of insurance verification and receipt of required documentation. See INFORMATION NEEDED TO PROCESS AN ORDER for details.

When can I expect to receive my patient’s test results?

NeuLine provides custom reports tailored to each physician’s needs, which may include medication lists, patient health history, patient activity logs and images from the study. Reports are typically sent within 5 business days after test completion.

Will I have access to review the EEG test data?

Yes, log-in credentials and training for our cloud-based software, Rendr, will be made available to referring providers.


How much does NeuLine Health pay to read test results and create reports?

NeuLine Health pays Interpreting Physicians per read based on the current Medicare rates.

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