EEG Testing Services

by NeuLine Health

The EEG test is a safe and effective, noninvasive method of validating the diagnosis of neurological-related medical conditions. NeuLine offers in-office testing for routine EEGs and at-home ambulatory EEG testing, with or without video.

In-office Routine EEGs

The routine or short-term EEG is an economical and convenient method of taking a snapshot of the patient’s brainwaves. The routine EEG test lasts approximately 20-30 minutes and is a clinically appropriate solution for scanning brain activity in a timely manner. NeuLine Health conducts routine EEGs in our McKinney, Texas facility.

At-home Ambulatory EEGs

For people experiencing neurological concerns, such as seizures, a 72-hour EEG provides valuable insights to help doctors diagnose or rule out conditions. NeuLine’s portable technology and experienced registered technicians make it possible for patients to undergo 72-hour ambulatory EEGs from the comfort of home, rather than checking into a hospital for the test. The at-home ambulatory EEG is a cost-effective alternative, typically costing less than half the price of inpatient care. Additionally, NeuLine’s at-home ambulatory EEG allows patients to be treated sooner, as the wait time for inpatient care may take weeks or months.

At-home Ambulatory EEGs with Video

NeuLine Health offers at-home ambulatory EEG testing with video monitoring. The video records the patient’s actions while the electrodes record brain activity. This dual recording enables the neurologist to see what the patient was doing when the abnormal brain activity was captured, which aids in accurately diagnosing the condition.

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We Use the Trackit Ambulatory Recorder

Designed for Ambulatory EEG and Sleep Applications

Lifelines’ Trackit ambulatory recorders are used in some of the world’s leading hospitals and epilepsy centers as well as in the most challenging of environments: the patient’s home.

Trackit was designed from the outset with both ambulatory EEG and sleep applications in mind, and the Trackit has become well-respected for its consistently high performance and lab-quality recordings. Its compact size makes it ideal for ambulatory EEG recording applications both in children and adults.

Trackit’s unique architecture allows the system to be configured either as an ambulatory recorder with local storage or a headbox with a cable or wireless communication to a host computer with the Trackit Plus software. Trackit also allows a dual recording capability during host PC recordings — the EEG data will always be backed up on the Trackit’s internal flash memory.

Coverage Area

We currently offer Ambulatory EEG testing in over 16 states.